Get to know The Fang staff

Get to know The Fang staff

Written by: Lauren Turner | Published: Sep 3, 2019

Not many students are aware Lake Highlands High School has a newspaper, so we covered all the basics that students need to know about us.

For years, Lake Highlands has had a school newspaper. In the past, the paper was printed and given out to students, but over the years, it has evolved with technology and become online only. The online platform allows for real-time stories to be posted, so that news is more relevant to students and the Lake Highlands community. Made up of eight students, the LHHS newspaper staff is proud to bring you timely updates on all things Lake Highlands.

“I am really excited to talk about current events both in the world and at Lake Highlands in my last year of high school,” staff writer Brendan Meeker, 12, said.

A recent survey found that 66 percent of students did not know that Lake Highlands High School had an online newspaper. Our staff mission this year is to spread the word about the paper, as well as involve more of the student body.

Sydney Holmes, a senior at LHHS, told us she's happy to be in charge.

“I am the editor-in-chief of The Fang this year and I’m [looking forward] to getting more people to read and know more about the newspaper," she said.

Our paper these first few weeks will cover important school events, sports, school clubs, information about buying a yearbook, picture day, as well as construction updates. We strive to bring relevant information to the students of Lake Highlands.

“I’m really excited to be on staff this year because we have a lot of great stories planned,” staff writer Ana Huitron, 10, said.

Jordan Grinnell, the newspaper adviser, is open to new story ideas so that we can discuss them in our staff meetings we have once a week. You can find her in Room B214 of the L Building, or submit your ideas here.

“We have a great staff this year who have various strengths, and I’m looking forward to seeing what stories they cover for our school and community. We welcome any and all story ideas so we can make sure we’re covering all of the great things happening at our school and in our community,” Mrs. Grinnell stated.

If you are interested in joining the LHHS Fang staff for next year, you can apply in the spring semester. Before you can be accepted on staff, you must take Journalism or Photojournalism. This is to make sure all of our writers are educated on the news writing format and have learned all the necessary skills they will need to make the year great.

The Fang also has social media! You can find us on Instagram at @lhhsfang or on Twitter at @LHHS_fang. 

Aside from the members quoted in this article, the staff is proud to welcome: Alexa Congrove (senior, web producer), Elizabeth McNamara (sophomore, staff writer), Jorde Valles Gomez (senior, staff photographer), and Triniti Holt (senior, staff photographer).

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