Get to know Kerri Jones, LHHS' new principal

Get to know Kerri Jones, LHHS' new principal

By: Sydney Holmes | Published: Sep 3, 2019

Lake Highlands High School is welcoming new Principal Kerri Jones for the 2019-2020 school year. 

Principal Jones’ childhood was not like most. With her and her family always moving around, it provided her with different environments to learn and discover new things.

“I was an army brat growing up and went to several different schools," she said. "I did kindergarten in Germany, 1st through 5th in San Antonio, 6th through 9th in New York, then 10th through 12th back in San Antonio. So there was a lot of moving around, but I had a lot of good experiences.”

With her previous teaching and administration jobs, Mrs. Jones sees the differences but is ready to run a high school rather than a junior high. She was formerly a 7th and 8th grade math teacher for five years in DISD at Franklin Middle School. After that she became an assistant principal at Forest Meadow Junior High. She then moved up and was the principal for four and a half years.

“First of all, the school is like a million times bigger and I’m always getting turned around," she said about LHHS. "The kids are physically bigger, but I’ve realized they’re all kids and everyone wants to be respected and valued. There is more of a variety of subjects and some that were never offered at the junior high. But the same cafeteria food and same policies.”

Principal Jones sees the problems at our school and wants to help change and fix them to make it easier on everyone.

“One is leaving at lunch, the open campus versus the closed campus," she told The Fang. "We are a closed campus, all of the RISD high schools are closed [campuses], so we are trying to get kids to understand the why behind that -- which is a safety thing. It’s not us trying to create another rule in the battle. Also trying to get kids to class on time. I’ve noticed there are a lot of kids in the halls when the bell rings and no one really seems to worry.. but [I also want to honor] the kids who are coming from the other building and they are going to need a little more time.”

Jones has already set her goals for the school, which are really all about wanting to make sure everyone feels comfortable and welcome and ready to have a good school year.

“[My goal is] to make sure that everyone has a good 2019-2020 school year. I want the kids and you guys to have a great experience and I want the teachers to have a great experience," she said. "Also the staff members who are not in the classrooms and wanting them to feel valued and welcomed. And for everyone to remain feeling welcomed consistently and not just at the beginning of the year, but throughout the year. I want people to feel comfortable and let them know that I have an open door and if there’s something on their mind they can come and talk.”

Principal Jones is also excited about meeting with students to discuss changes that can be made and that we can design a school that kids helped create.

“I’m excited about some of the changes that we’re gonna make, and by we I mean me and some of the kids I am going to work with, so I can get their input and on things that they like," Jones said. 

"Do you like working in the halls sometimes versus working in the classroom all the time? Do you like going outside when it gets cooler and doing something with sidewalk chalk or something on the windows with Expo markers? Do you want the hallways to look different or the teachers to do different things while they’re in the hallways? Do you want to be welcomed in the morning or does it bother you?”

You can email Mrs. Jones at

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