Is There a Dress Code Double Standard?

By: Ana Huitron | Published: Nov 13, 2018 | Updated: Aug 21, 2019

Students at Lake Highlands High School have been complaining that the dress code is being unfair, but administration believes it’s helping set us up for the future.

These complaints have mainly come from girls saying there is a double standard and it’s not being enforced equally. Girls have complained that the boys just get to cover up, while girls have to go home and change.

“Anybody that feels that way, they are more than welcome to stand out here in the morning with us,” Principal Joshua Delich said on double standards. “At the end, our goal is to prepare young people for future employment and setting an expectation.”

Some students disagree though. Students think there is a double standard because they’ve seen guys wear tank tops and not get told anything while “a girl shows more than one inch of her legs or above her knees and she gets dress coded for it,” Valerie McNamara, 11, said. 

The dress code has been better over the years and the school is less strict now, “maybe not on paper but more like within the administration,” she said.

“Girls are more likely to get dress coded and dress code is intended more toward girls because they think we’re gonna be the distraction when it’s really nothing that we can control,” McNamara said.

Students are hoping the dress code will get more equitable and stop being so strict. One student said she feels that sometimes students get in trouble when they shouldn’t.

“I feel like it’s more strict with shorts, like I’ve seen girls get stopped for shorts that seem fine, but they still get in trouble,” Lauren Turner, 10, said.

The administration said it is working on making the dress code fair for everyone and they understand people want to follow on new trends. 

“I’m a fashion man,” Dr. Delich said. “I understand.”

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