A conversation with a congressional candidate

A conversation with a congressional candidate

By: Brendan Meeker | Published: October 4, 2019

At a recent neighborhood gathering, Brannon Perkison, a congressional candidate, spoke to voters about the current state of politics. 

President Donald Trump is not the only one up for reelection in 2020. Eighty-seven percent of Congress is also up. One of those congressmen is Lance Gooden, who represents Texas’ Fifth Congressional District. The Fang sat down with his potential Democratic challenger to get his stance on the issues. 

Perkison co-owns a small construction and architecture company with his wife. At the gathering, Perkison stressed the need to keep corporate money out of politics and pledged not to take money from corporate PACs and special interest groups. 

The local businessman also supports the impeachment of President Trump. Perkison acknowledged that impeachment might not be the best move politically, but that public opinion will come around when the facts are presented to the American public. 

As for why he’s running, Perkison stated that climate change, gun control, and immigration are important to him and that Gooden is “fundraising off” of the “inflammatory remarks put out by the Trump campaign.” 

“Right now… the current administration is on the verge of sending us into another major recession,” Perkison said with regards to the tariffs supported by President Trump. 

Perkison cited a Pew independent study which concluded that these tariffs will cost “$830 per American household.” 

Perkison would also like to see more green businesses in the district.

As for gun control, Perkison supports “common sense” gun legislation, such as universal background checks and a licensing program. 

However, he does not support an assault weapon buyback plan, as Perkison fears a “violent reaction.”

Perkison said that candidates like Beto O’Rourke (D-TX) who are calling for the confiscation of assault weapons are too aggressive and needed a more “measured approach.”

The Democratic hopeful also said the U.S. would be “stronger” with a multiparty system. Perkison believes it would help to subside the partisan division. 

This is Perkison’s first run for public office. It will be an uphill battle as his opponent has a lead both financially and in the polls.

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