Scooters: Efficient or A Hallway Hazard?

Scooters: Efficient or A Hallway Hazard?

By: Sydney Holmes | Published: Nov 13, 2019 | Updated: Aug 22, 2019

Lake Highlands High School administration purchased new scooters to improve the safety and efficiency of the school, although some students feel they weren’t a smart purchase.

The buying of the scooters came with many misconceptions on how the scooters were purchased and why they were useful. Many students were confused and had many opinions on why the administration chose to use money for the school for scooters out of all things.

“It’s really frustrating that the school is in need of things like calculators, new instruments and textbooks and the scooters are something that the admin decided to get instead,” Valerie McNamara said.

One of the main reasons scooters were chosen was due to the large building and the fact that there are two buildings and they are not currently connected, so the scooters allow them to get to where they need to be quicker and more efficiently. 

“We have a building that is literally over 500,000 square feet and because of the large size of it, the scooters allow us to get to areas of the building. During the passing periods and lunches we are able to get on the scooters and get kids to class,” Principal Joshua Delich said.

One of the main problems people had with the purchase of the scooters is that there are other things that are more useful that the administration can purchase that would further help the school, students and staff rather than a purchase that sometimes seems to only help the administration.

“We could buy new instruments or uniforms for band,” McNamara said. “We just recently purchased new uniforms for the first time in a decade. Other schools get new ones every couple of years. Also we could get new desks or tables because in some of my classes there are so many people that not everyone has a seat.”

Dr. Delich says that the scooters improve the schools security and that it allows the administration to move around easier, especially during football games when you have to usher kids out of the game when it ends.

The scooters might have actually been a smarter purchase compared to other schools in the Richardson Independent School District.

“As a principal you get to fund the needs and necessities, so almost all high schools in the district here have golf carts inside their schools, and so we went with the scooters because they were cheaper and we could get more and they were faster and easier to maneuver around,” Dr. Delich said.

But some students say that the scooters are not the safest and most efficient way to patrol the hallways during passing periods and parking lots at the end of the school day.

“The scooters are only able to get so far because they can’t go up or down the stairs and it is difficult to get them in and out of the building. I also know multiple people who have gotten bumped by the scooters in the hallway with no apology. So if anything they are a hazard to have them,” McNamara said.

Another way the scooters are helpful is that they are not just used by administrators, they are helpful to the faculty too.

The scooters are not just for the administration, they’re also for the staff, if teachers are injured or need to get somewhere faster they can use the scooters to get where they need to be, Dr. Delich said. 

¨Once you realize the magnitude and size of what we are working with there’s a reason why universities have scooters, golf carts, segways,’ Dr. Delich said. “We have high schools in our district that have segways and we didn’t do segways for two reasons. One, they’re more expensive and two, somebody could fall off a lot easier.”

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