To Get Respect, You Have to Earn it

By: Neslie Castaneda | Published: March 21, 2019 | Updated: Aug 23, 2019

The way the older generation is, they always seem to want respect handed to them as soon as they are spoken to. I feel like once you get to know people and how they act toward you, that’s when you should start allowing yourself to show the same respect that they showed you, including family.

Throughout my whole middle and high school life, I’ve always had at least one or two teachers that would disrespect their students just to get their way. If they couldn’t respect their own students, why should we respect them? Just for being our elders? No one should be forced to respect someone, when they can’t even respect the people they are talking to.

In my recent life, I’ve had many stumbles where you would assume you’d just let it get past you. I’ve had family who seem like they can’t respect their own brothers, sisters, children or nieces.

This winter break I went to Mexico to visit loved ones. Like always, they seem to have a snotty attitude toward everyone and everything. Just because my grandma and aunts seem to have different perspectives, they need to learn that not everyone is going too think the same way they do.

They seem to have been living like they have been Cinderellas all there life. They never go out, never really associate with others, and are always cleaning. I’ve always been known for being the most outgoing person in my family, and I guess you can say I am a bit crazy. But for them to always have a comment and nasty attitude when it comes to me going out and having fun, it’s like you can never satisfy them.

Their point of view is very different from others, and everyone is totally going to have different ways of viewing things. But they should respect others and how they are in life, never should they talk bad about someone’s way of living.

So why should we be respecting anyone, including family, when they seem not to be able to give respect back? I’ve always thought about respect as being something you earn – never just for it to be handed like nothing.

Get to learn the people you are handing it to, and never let someone receive it when they aren’t treating you the same.

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