Twitter Post Gets Student On Spotlight; asks DC Cheerleader to Prom

Twitter Post Gets Student On Spotlight; asks DC Cheerleader to Prom

By: Friendly Mark Andrino | Published: Feb 5, 2019 | Updated: Aug 22, 2019

DALLAS — Keyshaun Rauls, a senior at Lake Highlands, is making a sound on Twitter after a post from his friend asking Tess Guidry, a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader, to be his prom date.

The tweet has gone viral with 335 retweets and 208 likes. 

Rauls is an office aid and is in the sports marketing class with Mrs. Tessa Pettigrew.

“He’s a genuinely great kid, kind-hearted, and I love that all the kids here don’t treat him any differently and I love that,” she said. “Everyone knows that I love the Dallas Cowboys, and that’s one of our commonality, and he obviously loves the cheerleaders.”

Traelon Johnson, a senior and a close friend, posted it on his Twitter account and tagged several people.

Keyshaun Rauls in the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders locker room.

Keyshaun Rauls in the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders locker room.

“I know my friend Keyshaun wants to make it happen, so I helped him,” Johnson said.

“Every time we ask him: ‘Keyshaun do you wanna take a Cowboys Cheerleader to prom?’ It’s just, big smile would come across his face and you could tell that it made him so happy,” Hanah Thompson, Raul’s friend, said in an interview.

On a field trip to AT& Stadium, Rauls, together with Mrs. Pettigrew, was able to slip a letter on Guidry’s locker, trying to contact the cheerleader’s organization. He hasn’t heard any reply yet.

Johnson wants to extend his thanks to the people who helped in making his post viral. 

“Thank you for supporting it this far, by trying to make it happen, thank you for caring, thank you for being real,” he said.

Thompson also wants to highlight the involvement of the entire LHHS family from the student body, to the staff for being so supportive with this goal, like how Mrs. Pettigrew and Mrs. Hovey helped them in identifying people to tag — and to Dr. Delich for his approval.

Mrs. Pettigrew thanked everybody for being involved in helping attain Rauls’ simple wish. 

“The most touching part of all of this is seeing all these students come together for one common goal. There’s no arguing, there’s no fighting. When they saw something and someone who is worth their time and energy, they have all come together trying to push this positive thing. For me, that’s amazing,” she said.

Rauls is positive and hoping that one day his wish to take Guidry to prom will come true. He left us with a quote aiming to inspire everyone.

“Take the initiative, don’t let anybody hold you back until you get your goal and follow your dreams,” he said.

To support Rauls please visit this link and share the post!

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