Opinion: We should be able to leave campus for lunch

By: Kassandra Jaral | Published: March 22, 2019 | Updated: Aug 23, 2019

Lunch. It’s a thing we all like. It’s a time where we can just talk without being told what to do. 

But here’s where it gets controversial. 

I as a freshman had so many expectations for high school. I have two older sisters, one that already graduated and one that’s going to graduate in a year. They told me so many things about school lunch, but when I came to this school I was told that I could not leave the campus to eat.


Okay, I get that it’s a security thing, but you have to understand that the food in the cafeteria isn’t as good as people say it is. Have any of the teachers ever eaten the food they make us eat? And from what I hear, they chase you if you try to leave the school on a bike.

Some might feel like they are very restricted, but they kinda of are. I may not know a lot, but come on, give high schoolers the right to leave campus. We have to deal with teachers and people in the hallways and it gets stressful. 

When we sit down to eat food with our friends and talk, it helps to de-stress us. Now I just may be a freshman and may not know why they took the stands of Chick-fil-A out of the cafeterias, but one thing is for sure. People want to pick and choose what they eat and sometimes they don’t want to buy a typical school lunch.

Don’t get me started on the cafeteria lunch lines and how crowded it gets in there. The lines are too long and sometimes kids miss the chance to eat. 

It’s even hard to eat on time when the line is long and the cafeteria is overcrowded. If we had the right to leave the lunch room, we could cut down on the overcrowding. We could also save the school money by not having to make as many school lunches. 

I may sound like an angry teenager ranting about how I can’t have some type of lunch I want, but I just think that it’ll help a lot. 

Please don’t chase us if we leave. Other high schools are doing way better because they let their kids leave for lunch. Yeah I get that lunch is 45 minutes, but if those 45 minutes can help us de-stress, then they should totally let us go out there and get some food.

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