Your one-stop place for Homecoming information

Your one-stop place for Homecoming information

By: Lauren Turner | Published: October 11, 2019

Next week is Homecoming week, and that means it’s time to show your school spirit by dressing up for the theme days. This year’s themes are great, but sometimes it’s hard to think of what to wear. Don’t worry though, we’ve got you covered!

Monday, Oct. 14: Past vs. Future

Dress like you did in elementary school, or dress as your future self. You could be six, 30, or 80 years old. You can even bring a picture from when you were younger to compare yourself to now.

Past: Wear old items you might still have from elementary school, or find things similar to what you used to wear. 

Future: Dress what you think you will look like as an adult. You could wear clothes pertaining to your future career, or wear some of your grandparents clothes to reach your golden years.

Tuesday, Oct. 15: Country vs. Country Club

Dress up as a cliche cowboy or as a country club member. Both themes are super easy and fun, and are completely opposite of each other, so this day is bound to be hilarious.

Country: Wear your denim jeans, flannel shirts, and boots. You can even cut an old pair of jeans and turn them into redneck jean shorts. Bring a cowboy hat, but if a teacher or administrator asks you to remove it, please do so. 

Country Club: Think vineyard vines. Go with a pastel color palette, and wear khaki shorts or pants (for guys), or tennis skirts (for girls). Sperry’s, visors, and baseball caps are great accents to add to your outfit and will really send it over the top.

Wednesday, Oct. 16: VSCO Girl vs. E-Boy

VSCO girls and e-boys have recently become popular stereotypes. A lot of people associate VSCO girls with Hydroflasks and high energy, while e-boys are more chilled out and wear black. 

VSCO girl: Oversized shirts and athletic shirts are the usual outfit choice for a VSCO girl. Be sure to bring your scrunchies, Burt’s Bees chapstick, Hydroflask, metal straws, and shell necklaces. 

E-boy: Wear black jeans, checkered vans, bring a beanie, and paint your nails black. Wear a long-sleeved striped shirt under a black shirt, and accessorize with a choker, earrings, and rings.

Thursday, Oct. 17: Camo vs. Neon

These two outfit options are sure to cause a scene next week, and camouflage jokes will surely be abundant. Choruses of “Where are your legs?” and “You look like a highlighter!” will fill the hallways. Go big or go home. 

Camo: Wear your dad’s old camo jacket, hunting rain boots, or hat. You can find camo at almost any store, and army green will suffice if you’re having a hard time finding things to wear.

Neon: Be bold and bright. You can find plain t-shirts in a variety of neon options and colors at almost any craft store for a cheap price. Some of you probably still have your camo socks and shorts from elementary school, so wear them proudly. We’re gonna need sunglasses!

Friday, Oct. 18: Homecoming shirt day

Friday is the final Homecoming spirit day of the year. There will be a pep rally Friday morning, and seeing everyone in their Homecoming shirts will bring high spirits throughout the day. 

The shirts will be sold next week during both lunches by Student Council for $15. Friday evening is the Homecoming football game, so be sure to wear your mum or garter and cheer on the Wildcats as they take on the Longhorns. 

Saturday, Oct. 19: Homecoming dance

Homecoming week is sure to be a big hit this year thanks to our amazing Student Council. The Dance is Saturday, Oct. 19, from 9 p.m. to midnight. Tickets will be sold during both lunches next week as well as at the door. The dance’s theme is disco, but please do not wear afros, per the Student Council’s request. Make sure you bring your student ID to the dance, and money to buy snacks and drinks. 

Have fun and be safe. Happy Homecoming!

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